Making Light Work of Heavy Stone


The robotic lifter, a WinLet 575, allows large and heavy stone pieces to be carried to the installation area to be installed safely, and reducing the risk of material breakage.

Great Achievement


Bernard Burns, Chairman of the Bognor Regis Cricket Club is having a proud moment, and understandably so, although it might leave him with divided loyalties!

Managing Dust and Noise on Site


One of our new build teams is currently on site delivering an extensive internal stonework package to a new high end commercial and residential development.

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Over the past few years Szerelmey has posted a number of articles on mental health, and it is a subject we will continue to come back to.

Getting Musical


Over the last few years Szerelmey has worked its way up and down Oxford Street working on a variety of different projects.

Focus on a Site Team – Woolwich


One of our Restoration teams has been on site at Woolwich delivering a restoration package of works to two of the Grade II listed buildings within the original Royal Arsenal.

Going Greener


Szerelmey has been making big efforts over the last few years to operate in a greener way including establishing our Green Team, aka Szerelmey Eco Warriors

Stone Frieze – Something Unusual


Szerelmey delivers all manner of different styles of stone cladding from ornate carving following historic precedent to simple and contemporary