Who We Are!


We have finally got our new company video finished and hope you enjoy watching it! We wanted to give our clients and everyone we work for, and with, a little insight into who we actually are and what things are important to us. During the course of making this film there were a large number … Continued

Selfridges Bench Installation


This short film was filmed on site during our installation of a solid stone bench carved from a block of Verde Luana marble, outside Selfridges on Duke Street. The bench’s profile was achieved through CNC cutting technology to achieve the organic shape. Following this, the surface was shaped by a hand held smoothing machine and … Continued

Library and Student Centre, St John’s College


This short video was filmed on site during our installation of the external stone cladding at the recently completed Library and Study Centre, St John’s College, Oxford. The installation, which is now complete, included three large “artwork” walls by artist Susanna Heron, which have a profiled, organic pattern CNC machined into their surface.