Design and Technology

Leading the way in research and development

Our Design and Technology Department lies at the heart of our business, and allows us to facilitate the complex projects we are presented with. The department is led by Mark Walden, an industry specialist with over 30 years of experience. In most instances the D&T Department becomes involved with Architects, Clients and Engineers early in a project to aid in the project development and maximise efficiency for the client.

The team is constantly active in research and development. We carry out full stone and faience impact testing, and also manage full material testing including a myriad of tests such as petroglyphic testing, testing for compressive strengths, flexural strengths and slip resistance.

We develop and test all our bespoke fixing systems and are developing ways of fixing to facilitate increasing U values. We carry out extensive thermal engineering in relation to U value requirements because we believe in making buildings more efficient and increasing our green credentials. We also advise on water management and DPC.

The D and T Department produce detailed drawings of all relevant aspects of a project and undertake the scheduling for manufacturing. We are at the forefront of moving into 3D design for incorporation into BIM models and use Rivet as a design platform, along with more traditional Autocad.