We are big supporters of faience in the construction industry and have our own faience team at Szerelmey, so it is always great when other people start talking about it too! This month’s AJ Specification features a piece by John Robertson Architects on two of their buildings which incorporate faience, and both of which we are working on. Interestingly the buildings reflect two very different types of faience, based on the production methods used. The first building, is 161-167 Oxford Street which will feature hand produced, blue faience tiles made by Darwen Terracotta. The tiles, which are a rich, deep colour will be hand set by Szerelmey. The second building is 33 King William Street, which features extruded faience tiles as part of unitised cladding panels – Szerelmey is installing the external stone cladding to the ground floor level.

John Robertson Architects_AJ Specification_Ceramics Case Study_February 2017-page-002John Robertson Architects_AJ Specification_Ceramics Case Study_February 2017-page-003