Faience Production

Handmade by craftsmen

We work closely with our clients from the early stages of a project to make architects’ designs a reality. Our goal is to find workable solutions in terms of production and installation, transforming designs on paper to statement buildings. The production of faience is not straightforward. As specialists and working with specialist producers we are able to help the client understand how the faience is produced and how to achieve the desired end result.

There are two main methods of producing faience: hand production and extrusion, see downloadable pdfs for more information. Hand produced faience (hand pressed, ram pressed and slip cast) yields a largely artisan, handmade and totally unique appearance. Extruded faience is machine made and suitable for mass production; it is uniform and regular in appearance.

Szerelmey has the expertise and experience to advise on specification and to manage and control the supply, delivery and installation of these specialist materials to agreed programmes and budgets.