Good Housekeeping is vital on all sites and especially the very busy ones. It refers to the practice of keeping your site clean and tidy to ensure a safe working environment. HSE guidelines state they can prosecute any company whose scaffolding is below the required standard.

A tidy work area reduces the risk of accidents and improves fire safety. It is important to keep access routes clear as they could cause a trip hazard. It is important to discard any waste and rubbish at regular intervals to reduce the risk of work areas getting messy. Sometimes leaving tools lying around, on ledges, or on unsafe areas is the easiest thing to do, but this is really dangerous and can cause a hazard. Make sure you put them away! When working on a scaffold tools must be stored neatly in tool bags/boxes and not on the ledges or the floor. Toolboxes are available on scaffold levels to help you practice a safe way of working. Route cables are one of the biggest trip hazards to you and other operatives on site. It is particularly important to route the lead away from working areas.

Szerelmey is fully committed to providing a positive safe working environment and we are constantly looking at ways to maintain and improve this. We regularly review our procedures and safety equipment. As part of our ongoing commitment to Health and Safety Szerelmey focusses on a number of key H&S topics, producing literature and site posters in 4 different languages on each.