We are currently on site delivering internal flooring packages to three different buildings using York stone, Burlington slate, Crossland Hill Yorkstone, and Pietra Serena stone inlaid with brass features. Due to the technical challenges faced with the size and weight of the stone the team decided to utilise a robotic installer. The majority of stone dimensions are 1349mm x 950mm x 50mm – 149KG, with the biggest and heaviest stone 1201mm x 1349 x 50mm – 188KG, posing quite a challenge! Each stone is lifted using the robot lifter and moved above the semi-dry screed bed before being lowered into its final position.

The robotic lifter, a WinLet 575, allows large and heavy stone pieces to be carried to the installation area to be installed safely, and reducing the risk of material breakage. The lifter has a maximum capacity of 575kgs and usesfour suction pads, which can be extended to 3.6m depending on the site and installation requirements. It can be rotated to 180 degrees which makes it flexible and suitable for lifting and tilting on tight sites. It lifts, carries and installs stone quickly, flexibly and efficiently without compromising its compact design. The WinLet 575 has been designed for use in restricted spaces such as lifts and balconies and can fit through a standard doorway. This equipment meets health and safety requirements and can improve efficiency at work.