One of our new build teams is currently on site delivering an extensive internal stonework package to a new high end commercial and residential development. The project involves installing a variety of marble and limestones to 180 bathrooms, reception areas and front of house lobbies. Although most of the stone is cut bespoke in the factory, due to the complex nature of the project and the design of the stonework, it is necessary to cut and grind some of the stone on site for precision purposes. Due to levels to the tolerances of the screed part of the floor preparation involves grinding down the screed. Dust generated from cutting the stone and grinding the screed is a serious consideration on any construction site and the effects of silica in particular are a key health and safety concern. This particular site has quite restrictive working conditions, in addition, this is a central London site surrounded by occupied properties compounding any dust issue. To substantially reduce dust the cutting is carried out within Dustex Dust Traps, lightweight, portable enclosures that are quick to erect and extremely effective. An extractor is connected via an extractor hood to the cutting table in the Dust Trap to draw all dust out of the area to provide a safe working space. The team is also utilizing Soundtex Cutting Enclosures to reduce noise levels by up to 32.3dB. The floor grinder is attached to the vacuum system that draws away dust particles.