Over the past few years Szerelmey has posted a number of articles on mental health, and it is a subject we will continue to come back to. We support and encourage an environment where people can talk in confidence and currently have 12 Mental Health First Aiders. The situation since March with Covid-19, has affected everybody and has brough added pressures and stresses to people who might already be struggling – the Lighthouse Club Charity who provide financial and emotional support for those in need have reported a 25% increase in calls to their helpline. Help is available for those who need it through a number of different helplines, numbers below. Wellbeing describes your mental state, how you are feeling and how well you cope with the day to day. There are simple ways to help wellbeing, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthily, engaging with people, exercising and making time for yourself. These steps might not solve larger problems and anxieties, but they can help the process. Look out for others too. If you see someone who you think is struggling, reach out to them, sometimes a listening ear and kindness can make a real difference.

Mental Health & Wellbeing poster for sites and office, available in 4 languages