Our new history timeline is now live on our website, so have a look and see what we have been up to over the last couple of centuries: www.szerelmey.com/our-history/ The company dates back to 1855, when it was established by Col. Nicolas Szerelmey who was a fascinating individual. We haven’t room on the timeline to outline all of his adventures, but we are working on pulling together a short(ish) account of his life. One of the standout aspects of Nicolas Szerelmey that comes across in papers on his life is his enquiring and inventive mind, and his problem solving aptitudes; he invented one of the earliest forms of plasterboard and also the “paper coffin”! Today at Szerelmey, with our large and highly experienced in house Design and Technology Department, we like to think that we emulate his spirit – finding solutions and making projects a workable reality from the early design drawings on.