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  • Darren Moore
    Darren Moore
    Managing Director
  • Mark Chivers
    Mark Chivers
    Managing Director (Restoration)
  • John MacEachin
    John MacEachin
    Pre-Contracts Director
  • Peter McColm
    Peter McColm
    Contracts Director
  • Antonio Buffa
    Antonio Buffa
    Estimating Director
  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris
    Contracts Director (Restoration)
  • Tamsin Pickeral
    Tamsin Pickeral
    Operations Director
  • Wayne McIntyre
    Wayne McIntyre
    Commercial Director
  • Paul Wisdom
    Paul Wisdom
    Company Accountant
  • Lewis Matanle
    Lewis Matanle
    Director (Restoration)
  • Mark Walden
    Mark Walden
    Design Manager
  • Ian Lee
    Ian Lee
    Design Manager
  • John Guest
    John Guest
    Senior Contracts Manager
  • Ana Bonine
    Ana Bonine
    Senior Estimator
  • John Howland
    John Howland
    Senior Contracts Manager
  • Kyle Wombwell
    Kyle Wombwell
    Contracts Manager
  • James Fraser Ashton
    James Fraser Ashton
    Contracts Manager
  • Judit Birinyi
    Judit Birinyi
    Senior Estimator/Project Manager
  • Jonathan Healy
    Jonathan Healy
    Contracts Manager
  • Pete Wilby
    Pete Wilby
    Contracts Manager
  • Elisabet Alberola
    Elisabet Alberola
    Project Manager
  • Andy Butler
    Andy Butler
    Senior Estimator (Restoration)
  • Maria Torrisi
    Maria Torrisi
  • Tom Richards
    Tom Richards
    Design Manager
  • Natalia Bele
    Natalia Bele
    Quantity Surveyor (Restoration)
  • George Ross
    George Ross
    Contracts Manager (Restoration)
  • Bernard Burns
    Bernard Burns
    Director of Business Development
  • Tom Naumczuk
    Tom Naumczuk
  • Dave Guyett
    Dave Guyett
    Contracts Manager
  • Holly Cooling
    Holly Cooling
    Office Manager
  • Slawek Zawislak
    Slawek Zawislak
    Senior Designer
  • Ryno Nel
    Ryno Nel
    Operations Manager (GB)
  • Roberto Pezzini
    Roberto Pezzini
    Senior Designer
  • Michael Sagoe-Baffoe
    Michael Sagoe-Baffoe
    Senior Document Controller
  • Meera Punja
    Meera Punja
    Subcontract Ledger Manager
  • Graham Coyle
    Graham Coyle
    Quality and Environmental Manager
  • Tom Merry
    Tom Merry
  • Kyle Duffy
    Kyle Duffy
    Design Technician
  • Matthew Rolfe
    Matthew Rolfe
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Fred Mason
    Fred Mason
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Steve Poole
    Steve Poole
    Design Technician
  • Mark Merrick
    Mark Merrick
    Quantity Surveyor (Restoration)
  • Alessandra Assenza
    Alessandra Assenza
    Design Technician
  • Siva Sivanathan
    Siva Sivanathan
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Abbie Lewis
    Abbie Lewis
    Health, Safety & Training Assistant
  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox
    Intermediate Quantity Surveyor
  • David Carvajal
    David Carvajal
    Design Technician
  • Sabrina Forte
    Sabrina Forte
    Executive Assistant
  • Peter Guest
    Peter Guest
    Site Administrator
  • Louis Martin
    Louis Martin
    Assistant Estimator
  • Darren Higgins
    Darren Higgins
    Senior Contracts Manager
  • Daniel Fiel
    Daniel Fiel
    Contracts Manager
  • Jay Alexander
    Jay Alexander
    Health and Safety Manager
  • Viviana Arango Rey
    Viviana Arango Rey
  • Alan Burd
    Alan Burd
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Terry Toomey
    Terry Toomey
    Contracts Manager
  • Neville Areington
    Neville Areington
    Senior Quantity Surveyor