Faience in the Press


We are big supporters of faience in the construction industry and have our own faience team at Szerelmey, so it is always great when other people start talking about it too! This month’s AJ Specification features a piece by John Robertson Architects on two of their buildings which incorporate faience, and both of which we … Continued

Every Picture Tells a Story!


And that is certainly true with these photographs that show Szerelmey Restoration’s work at St Helen’s Place, Bishopsgate. To the left of the picture is the 5-7 St Helen’s Place façade, which we cleaned and restored in 2014/15. To the right of the photograph Szerelmey Restoration are currently carrying out extensive cleaning, restoration and remodelling … Continued

Behind the scenes at Rathbone


We are currently on site at the back of Oxford Street and heavily involved in the construction of two new passageways that will connect a new public square to Rathbone Place and to Newman Street. The in-house Szerelmey Design Team have been responsible for all of the secondary steelwork structure and design to facilitate the … Continued

The Queen Opens our Building!


This may not be the best picture in the world, but it is the Queen! Quite by chance we were able to snap Her Royal Highness as she officially opened the Nova Development in Victoria yesterday. We carried out extensive work to three of the buildings forming part of the project, buildings 5, 6 and … Continued

Restoration at 32 Grosvenor Gardens – Before and After


Szerelmey Restoration have just completed the first phase of an external refurbishment project at 32 Grosvenor Gardens, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station. This large residential building underwent a 7-week programme of cleaning, repairs and re-decoration to restore the facades to their original splendour. Shown here are some excellent before and after … Continued

Szerelmey Apprentice Completes NVQ


One of Szerelmey Restoration’s young apprentices, Ross Warry, has just completed his NVQ Level 2 in Façade Preservation, completing his two year apprenticeship. Ross started out with the company in October 2014 and has worked on restoration projects such as 62 Britton Street and 1 New Oxford Street, learning numerous skills including brick, stone and … Continued

Englefield Green War Memorial


Szerelmey are delighted to have installed the Englefield Green War Memorial, at St Jude’s Churchyard, Englefield Green, which was unveiled in a very moving service on July 15th, 2016. The memorial, designed by Surrey architect Chris Palomba, carries the names of 91 servicemen buried in war graves in the cemetery, together with the names of … Continued

Opera and Stonework… Lonely Town Charity Event


Szerelmey have teamed up with the Easy Dragon Charity formed by a group of architects from Stanton Williams, to sponsor Lonely Town, an evening of Italian music to raise money for the children’s charities MAES Therapy and Cittadninaza. Music will be provided by Gioel, one of Italy’s most exciting young singers accompanied by guitarist Fabio … Continued

Szerelmey apprentices


The Specialist Apprentice Programme (SAP) in Facade Preservation, undertaken by Szerelmey’s two young apprentices Ross Warry and Liam Derrick. Article in the Natural Stone Specialist magazine December 2015.

Use of Stone and Faience Cladding


The Use of Stone and Faience Cladding CPD appeared in Building Magazine’s December 2015 edition. Stone and faience are both traditional building materials still in common use today. Combined with modern construction technology, they offer a wide range of design possibilities, particularly as cladding. This CPD will provide an overview to their use in modern architecture, exploring different stone types, sustainability, … Continued