Tool tethering is a crucial element of working at height and also an effective method of protecting tools from damage and people from potential injury. Working at height is an unavoidable aspect of our industry, with Szerelmey operatives involved in surveying, installing stone via scaffolding, restoring building facades, working frommast climbers and abseils, or even working on or from vehicles and MEWP’s. While working at height operatives use tools which could potentially be dropped and cause danger to others on site. As an object falls to the ground, it gains momentum exponentially, meaning the further it falls, the more force it exerts. The force of acceleration could prove fatal for those who are under a dropped tool, despite the fact that they are wearing a hard hat or safety gear. Dropped tools and objects are the second largest cause of fatalities in the UK workplace.

The Working at Height Regulations 2005 is to prevent death and injury caused by working at height. Szerelmey is fully committed to providing a positive safe working environment and we are constantly looking at ways to maintain and improve this. We regularly review our procedures and safety equipment. We take working at height operations very seriously. Tool Tethering is mandatory on all Szerelmey sites. The Working at Height Regulations 2005 state that, ‘’when working at height, dropped tools must be eliminated as far as is practical.’’ There are exclusion zones marked below the operative working at height which help reduce risks to operatives and general public walking near a hazardous area. Tool tethering is essential, so there have been steps taken globally to achieve, certified and globally consistent methods of tethering tools safely. Szerelmey provides all the necessary support to help operatives with tethers, and also provide regular toolbox talks to ensure behavioural change in their usage.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Health and Safety Szerelmey focusses on a number of key H&S topics, producing literature and site posters in 4 different languages on each.