A group from Szerelmey headed up to Manchester recently to visit the Quiligotti Terrazzo Tiles Ltd factory where they were given an informative tour and presentation by Steve Clark, John North, Roberts Potts and Calum Gray. Quiligotti is the only manufacturer of terrazzo in the UK and given that we undertake a significant number of projects in this material, it was a great opportunity for us to understand the manufacturing process better.

The tour of the factory gave us a real insight into the processes involved in producing various terrazzo and the possibilities and limitations of the material. Terrazzo remains one of the most versatile and durable hard flooring options available, and is frequently a cost effective option. Quiligotti produce dual layer terrazzo tiles in the Manchester factory and precast terrazzo units in Leeds. In addition they source single layer resin agglomerate material. Pattern, colour and form can all be customized creating a large selection over and above their standard portfolio. Different finishes can be achieved and bespoke designs with decorative graphics are possible with water jet cutting to achieve patterns.

We encourage our clients who are considering using terrazzo on a building to contact us early in the design process so we can assist, and in many cases we can arrange to visit suppliers. Although we are primarily known for our delivery of new build stone and faience projects, and restoration, we are experienced in a wide range of materials and are always happy to discuss projects and offer advice. We also offer four RIBA accredited CPDs (shortly to become six), so please do contact Szerelmey office if you are interested in any of the above.

Some of our terrazzo projects include: Tate Britain, Selfridges and 1 New Oxford Street.