Walking Tours

Learn more about stone and faience

We offer a number of walking tours with the aim of increasing knowledge and understanding of the use of different stones and faience in construction, and the restoration and care of historic buildings.

Our tours are invaluable for architects and clients in the early stages of design to understand how materials perform and look. We are happy to create bespoke tours for your individual needs.

We offer a choice of walking tours including bespoke ones

Our tours help clarify how different stones look in situ and after cleaning

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Restoration and Heritage Tour

This tour will take you past a number of buildings restored by Szerelmey in the past few years, and also show you examples of buildings in need of restoration, or suffering from poor restoration – not done by us of course! During the course of the tour various different cleaning and restoration techniques will be discussed. Tour length will be approximately 2 hours.


This tour takes a look at a number of different types of stone used as external cladding on our buildings. The tour will provide you with information on how the stones appear, technical aspects, their fixing and their maintenance.


This tour aims to provide you with good basic information about faience and terracotta as a building material.

The tour will look at a number of buildings that use faience cladding in different ways, achieving different aesthetics. During the course of the tour you will learn about the material, the different ways it can be manufactured and how it can be installed – think of this tour as a CPD on legs!

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